Dear members
This is my first contribution ,I have a problem and I hope all members share me for generating solutions using triz tools.
The problem is ” Olders get double fracture due to Sudden fall”
Older need to move freely and at the time of fall ,he/she should be protected from any Fracture or pain
wating for your ideas ………

NOTE : I posted this problem in TRIZ for problem solving group and I post the problem here as per mr.Prakasan K recommendation

Best Regards



  1. The first TRIZ India summit was concluded yesterday and a fabulous beginning for all of us in India to be part of the global TRIZ map. Along with other International TRIZ conferences (MATRIZ, TRIZCON, Japan TRIZ Summit, ETRIA, Iberia, Korean TRIZ Summit), TRIZ India is going to be a yearly event from now on.

    The idea of a TRIZ India conference started sometime in 2007 when we launched TRIZ India forum. Navneet, Karthik, and I discussed a TRIZ conference in India over several cups of Coffee’s and different ways of doing it. After we moved to this platform, the discussion continued, Bala, Shankar, Murali et all contributed with more ideas, different concepts. But finally it all happened with Karthik and Navneet’s timely intervention with Nispana, a Business Information Service company, and their vast connection with several companies in India, and TRIZ experts around the world. I must congratulate them for making this event a grant success within a very short span of time.
    Lot of new revelation for me from this conference, and first and profound is
    – “There are more TRIZ thinking and experimentation is happening in India” than we all know. Looks like the companies around here are more like Korean’s, not letting people know that they are doing it.
    – TRIZ for software is the favorite subject for most, but many think TRIZ is all about contradictions and evolutions, and cannot be applied to software. I hope to see some interesting case studies emerging next time with several other techniques being used for software.
    – Patent and TRIZ – I see a strong connection (or interest?) of patents and TRIZ in India. While this is ok, because TRIZ is being used there, the approach may not be good for long term. As Isak said, TRIZ is the technology for innovation, and the TRIZ technology has several sub-system in it, better to make use of them more of them. Using with patents may dilute the overall TRIZ way of thinking
    – There is two generation of people seeing TRIZ in substantially different ways. I hope to see a convergence in their thinking to create something unique for Indian innovation
    – TRIZ is part of several boutique innovation consulting companies, and there are several of them mushrooming up.
    – TRIZ for software is definitely an interest to India. Software systems are not like any other evolving systems, and it has certain characteristics unique to it. They way we define the software system has lot to do with the super-system around it, and application of TRIZ should start from there. Few from the audience repeatedly mentioned no software innovation is happening, and gave couple of examples on Aircraft evolution etc. But, if we look around, there is nothing out there without any software in it, and without the “software innovation” no new technological system is evolving now. Now to apply TRIZ in software; look at the resources, like what are the resources around your current system for you are writing software, which will come in play at the right time if we effectively utilize it. An external memory card in a mobile phone is a resource for the main kernel software, and a piece of software code can do wonders by effectively utilizing that “free” space within the card. Now, what are the contradiction when you start using that available resources, how does the system interact when we “remove” an existing piece of code, how does the software can test by itself by looking at the harmful functions.. the list can go on. TRIZ for software is perhaps a best set of innovation tool kit I can think about.
    – One of our idea using TRIZ community to solve problems were appropriately told by Murali and he asked the audience about their interest in participation. Well, we are not talking about any “paid” services here, but the best way to learn TRIZ is to experiment by applying in various problems. There are plenty of problems around us, common to many, and we would like to consider them applying TRIZ to it. We have TRIZ experts from all around the world, and they are willing to help us. Isak offered his help to apply TRIZ for a common problem in our society. I will be starting a new forum here to start this very soon.

    As Ellen mentioned at the end of the conference, I’m starting the post conference discussion here. I look forward your contribution and add your points, make this a discussion thread.

  2. Thank you Prakasan , for opening this chance to discuss solving problem using triz tools

    i will uploade the file of 9 – window after modification that ouer present system will be the older NINE WINDOW FOR OLDER PROBLEM.docx

  3. Really a challenging problem and more important to solve, as more older people are living now than ever in the recorded history. To begin with, may be a light metal (ex titanium, Li alloys) based braces on most commonly known fractured parts to prevent future fractures, can can be thought of.

  4. Hi Mohammad,
    This is truly interesting…

    – This is how I will go about solving this..

    I have used CRT of TOC…. to help solve the problem. Looking at it and breaking the underlying assumptions and contradictions the following could be few potential solutions…..
    Solution 1:
    – Have the special clothes designed for older with damping capability. At first place, what comes to my mind is to have the similar
    the similar damping material used for packing electronics items. They are very light weight (with only air pockets) and can be integrated in to the
    – The contradiction for not making it complex but still able to be wearedr can be resolved, by putting the dampners only on those portions of the body
    where bones are most vulnerable to fail.

    Solution 2:
    For TRIZ practitioners this is just another IFR. We can have a virtual reality simulator. Where olders can perform and get the feel of all the activites
    seating at one place. This is like playing a Video Game providing you all the desirable effects and suppressing undersirable effects like Falling and tiring.

    Solution 3:
    Make the bone structure with more sturdy (may be using special intakes into body).The bones can be anyway improved and made stronger with healthy diet and excercise. The physical activities can be cateogorized using High efforts required Vs relative body movement. If the task requires high relative movement of body parts then be proactive for selecting the place of performing activites .. ex. Working place, playground, terrrains etc. The activities with low relative motion and high efforts sometime can be the objective and may not really need any special attention.
    ….Hope at least this serve as a good starting point for arriving at solutions.

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