A simple Problem…but not able to think through TRIZ Principles

This is a  simple problem where Load Capacity of a vertical bar needs to be increased without increasing Lateral areas and Material.  There is one proposed solution as shown below. I would like to check two things with you

1. Is the solution proposed really resolves the contradiction? (Load Capacity Vs Crossectional Area)

2. If yes, Which TRIZ principle helps to think of solution like this?



5 thoughts on “A simple Problem…but not able to think through TRIZ Principles

  1. Tushar, Shri Phadni is right about ARIZ and contradiction matrix. ARIZ is advanced TRIZ eliminating most of the techniques in TRIZ which we (ordinary user) normally use. The algorithmic approach from ARIZ makes the contradiction matrix redundant, and get the solution through the approach. TRIZ fraternity says that if you reach the contradiction matrix after applying all other TRIZ concepts, you are about to generate a path breaking solution, or so to simplify, you rarely use contradiction matrix even in normal TRIZ application, because the solutions could have become obvious using other TRIZ concepts. You normally see lot of people talking TRIZ out there would always refer the contradiction matrix and 40 principles as TRIZ!

  2. Tushar, 
    I can definitely help you with that.. however, not sure what you meant by new TRIZ methods… If you look at the original TRIZ from Altshuller, the methods he used are fairly simple and easy to use (The Suddenly an Inventor Appeared time). He focuses on System operator, Resources, STC, SLP, Resources, Contradictions, Principles, Trends, and Su-field. If you are already known to all these, next could be ARIZ and 76 standards part of ARIZ. 
    From my experience the best way to learn for someone like you passionate about this is to learn by doing and experimenting. If you would like to pursue original TRIZ concepts (There are many other approaches where TRIZ is used with other concepts, TRIZ techniques being simplified for certain domains, TRIZ approaches integrated with the researcher who came out with new approach etc), the best way to start is from the original  TRIZ literature from Altshuller and his disciples. Start with “Suddenly an inventor Appeared” , “Creativity is as an exact science” invention algorithm etc. There are certification available if you are a fan of that on TRIZ from MATRIZ and I know Shri Phadni did this sometime.
    This platform has lot of people from the TRIZ world, and another way to learn is to use the wisdom from them. 


  3. Hi Prakasan, Thanks for you guidance. Yes as you mentioned I am practicing it  for variety of problems especially in automotive engineering and have developed significant insights with  fairly  concrete conclusion that TRIZ in it’s original form is not adequete for engineers to sustain it’s usage. TRIZ must have evolved or is evolving with higher functionalities (Higher ideality) and my curiousiy is to know the evolutionary versions of TRIZ (like ARIZ) with it’s applications to industry problems. I have collected multiple problems (Contradictions) in automotive industry and would like to post them here to invite methods and solutions. Let me know your suggestions

  4. Hi Laxman,
    Thank you for joining TRIZ Innovation India. Yes, we are currently discussing about doing a workshop in Pune. This should perhaps happen in the next month or so..

    If you are looking for a dedicated workshop for your group, please let us know.

    Will keep you posted about the progress.


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