What in the world is TRIZ? Part 1

Image Courtesy: triz.co.uk

What is TRIZ? What does it take to start learning TRIZ and master the method? Listen to 3 people – Dr. Ellen Domb, Prakasan Kappoth and Bala Ramadurai, talk about the basics of the method. http://www.trizindia.org


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One thought on “What in the world is TRIZ? Part 1

  1. Hello Prashant and Bala: Simple yet great stories exemplifying TRIZ concepts ( for a beginner like me)…. My passion is stories … and need your help to fit TRIZ principles…

    Talking of contradictions, the very need for the different incarnations of lord Vishnu is driven by Contradictions… Here’s how:

    1) In his incarnation as Rama, some sages approach him at the time of his crowning ceremony approach Rama with a wish to hug him. He was considered the most handsome man that his features were bewitching even for men. Given that Rama in that incarnation is bounded by the principle of “Just one wife” (no polygamy), grants them the boon that it would be fulfilled in the next life…

    So you have Lord Krishna in the next incarnation 16000 consorts (Gopikas – sages in their previous birth) :”Play” around with this “Boy/man”. Thus a not so possible or acceptable wish is fulfilled in another form or life.

    2) Similarly, Jamabavan approaches Rama and expresses his desire to fight with him. Rama could not fight in that life with him as Jambavan is a friend. Yet grants him that the wish will be fulfilled in the subsequent life… Here’s how:

    Satrajit, a king receives from the lord Sun a golden chain with a pendant that yields huge quantities of Gold at the time of sunrise everyday. Krishna requests Satrajit for the chain and the request gets declined. After a few days, Satrajits brother who goes hunting wearing the chain gets killed by a lion which in turn gets killed by the bear king (Jambavan) who gifts the chain to his daughter, Satyabhama.

    Satrajit suspects Lord Krishna of killing his brother and stealing the chain. To clear himself of the inaccurate accusations, Krishna goes searching for the chain and find the lady playng with it and tries to get it from her. That’s when jambavan challenges Krishna and the fight goes on for days and nights. Over a period of time, Jambavan grows weak and accepts his defeat…that’s when he realises that it was lord Rama in his incarnation of Krishna that defeated him. (Contradiction: Acceeding to the requests of a friend to fight).

    3) The other contradiction I can recall is Rama’s killing of Vali (the monkey king)… who is blessed with a boon that he can absorb the energies of any opponent who is physically in front of him. Despite the fact that Lord Rama is incarnation of lord Vishnu, he will not be able to beat Vali if he fights him face to face… Rama shoots him from behind a tree while Vali’s brother indulges him in a dual. When questioned : How fair that was for a man of integrity to carry out such a menial act of attacking from behind a tree, Rama says “you are a monkey and I’m a hunter. Animals are hunted from behind a tree.. thus it is justified”

    4) Ravana is believed to have controlled the planets. So he draws up the horoscope for his “to be born son” (Indrajit) and directs each of the planets to stay in the houses assigned to them. The design is to ensure that Indrajit becomes immortal. At the time of his birth, all other planets approach Saturn for help. Just about the time when the child is about to be born, Saturn slips one of his foot into the adjoining houses… which renders Indrajit to become a mortal. The story after that is incidental…. What’s the contradiction. Saturn in general is considered to be not so useful or auspicious planet… and is considered to be one who troubles or puts people through hardtimes. Yet, his services were required to ensure that Indrajit (an evil force) does not become immortal.

    5) During Kurukshetra the epic war in Mahabharatha, Pandavas are confronted with Dronacharya. He could be defeated only when he drops his bow and arrows (that’s possible only if his son Ashwadhama is no more). Now Krishna plots that Dharmaraja would announce the death of Ashwadhama as Dronacharya would not doubt the news coming from Dharmaraja.

    What’s the contradiction: Dharmaraja who is renowned to be a staunch believer of being truthful in speech and actions has to tell a lie. How could this be accomplished?

    In the battle, Bhima kills an elephant named “Ashwadhama” then Dharmaraja announces saying “Ashwadhama hatah)… Ashwadhama died…. if he stopped with it, that would be a lie… he follows it up with a statement in a low tone or lower decibels saying “Kunjaraha”..(the one that died is an elephant…). so both the criteria or needs are met. Drona heard what he had to hear and Dharmaraja did not have to live with the guild of lying to his teacher.

    Look forward to TRIZ principle association to these analogies.

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